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Price Rate computerization: 1 euro by seized individual.
The printing of boards and family trees : The computerization of genealogy can come along with one or several printings. The workshop proposes several models of trees and boards to illustrate your genealogy (available models on request).
- printing with gedcom file : you have a gedcom file, we print your family trees in little raised rate: from 7,50 euros + postal charges (rate for a tree or a board in the size A4) - printing without gedcom : after computerization of your data, we print your work in the form of boards and\or of family trees (list of the available models on request). Rate: from 7,50 euros + 1 euro by seized individual + postal charges (rate for a tree or a board in the size A4). * Possibility of incorporating your personal photos to illustrate your family trees (without supplement).

Informatisation-numérisation of genealogy.
The computerization of your genealogical data allows: - A better management of your genealogical files: by the creation of files gedcom (readable standard by most of the software of genealogy), you can more easily communicate your works (exchanges by internet or by e-mail). - to visualize and to print your boards and family trees without any trouble.
You have in your possesion of the genealogical data of your family under handwritten shape (boards and family trees, diverse notes). You do not have time or you do not know how to proceed to the computerization and to the digitalization of your data. The workshop suggests you putting of the order in all your data accumulated on your ancestors by computerizing your researches.
Hervé PELAEZ 5 bis rue Blanqui, 33110 LE BOUSCAT Tel: 05 56 50 43 88 - 06 01 76 61 70 Siret 534 009 915 00016 APE 9609Z