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LinksIntroduction The French genealogical workshop propose you achieve your genealogy. The family tree will enable you of better know your origins, your roots. This discovery of your ancestors, which can turn out full of surprises, will make you go back up the time till the end of the XVIth century (sometimes more for the most fortunate). Gift or simple curiosity, your family tree can, in your request, be completed by personalized collections which will redraw the history of your family. All these diverse data on the life of your ancestors: profession, living conditions, place of life, historic context, "will" "feed" your tree and will constitute a real family memory to be passed on in the future generations . Geographical area Whole France . Taken up residence in Le Bouscat in the suburbs of Bordeaux to Gironde, I thus choose Aquitaine and Poitou Charente, as sector of researches. But the researches can bring me to go in the other French regions as well as in the North of Spain. Services The workshop proposes you numerous services: - Family trees: ascending, downward, patronymic... - Researches in archives: acts of diverse sources, releasing of situation. - Family books: family memory. - Documentary researchs: land genealogy (story of houses and ancient buildings), genealogy of villages (reconstruction of the former population of villages, hamlets, communities), analysis of acts of registry office, church, notarized books or the other archives. - Cartographic and toponymical studies: location of the former places of life of your ancestors. - Photo reports on the scene of life of your ancestors: photographic albums. - Organization of genealogical circuits: personalized routes, visit regions of your ancestors.
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The French genealogical workshop "In search of your ancestors" Hervé PELAEZ, Professional family genealogist Historic researches, construction of family trees and history family
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Works Hervé PELAEZ 5 bis rue Blanqui, 33110 LE BOUSCAT Tel: 05 56 50 43 88 - 06 01 76 61 70 contact@agenfra.fr Siret 534 009 915 00016 APE 9609Z