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Photo report Realization of a notebook-photographique of a given place: The interest of the notebook bases on the illustration of your genealogy . The places of life of your ancestors are photographed and classified in a "portfolio": houses, remarkable houses, the religious, industrial or other buildings, ways of transport, but also diverse landscapes. Reproductions of photos or ancient postcards can added to notice the evolution of a site. - photographic notebook ( current photos), 50 pages: from 80,00 euros. - photographic notebook (current photos and reproductions of ancient), 50 pages: from 95,00 euros. Price lists vary according to the location of the municipality, the village, the hamlet or the region given (add 0,42 euros by kilometers gone through from the following cities: Bordeaux, Paris, Bayonne). It is possible to add pages to the notebook (add 0,50 euros by additional page). Genealogical circuits You wish to visit the places of life of your ancestors for a "return to origin", the workshop suggests you organizing and guiding your visit personalized in the region of your choice. The circuit will privilege the visit of houses, ancient buildings that they are inhabited or not by your ancestors, the exploration of remarkable landscapes and the contemplation of vestiges of past. Contact the workshop for price lists. The available current circuits concern the Gironde, the Basque country and the parisian region. After a documentation research to locate the houses of your ancestors, a personalized circuit is organized in the region of your choice to visit their hamlets, villages, and places of life.
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