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Family trees Family trees are almost exclusively constituted, from acts of registry office and found church books. - Family tree cognatique or complete: we look for all the paternal and maternal ancestors of a given person: From 150,00 euros (3 generations of ancestors). - Agnatic or patronymic family tree: we look for the carrier first ancestor known for a given patronymic: From 90,00 euros (3 generations of ancestors). - Downward family trees: .research of all the persons stemming from a couple of given ancestor. .research of the carriers of the same patronymic since a given ancestor. On estimate: the price list is variable because it depends on the seniority of the chosen ancestor. The result of the researches will be presented in a file, combining one or several genealogical boards accompanied with the reproduction and the transcription of the found acts which will prove the filiations (birth certificates, decease and marriage). This file will be accompanied by a family tree printed on big size. ( It is possible to incorporate your personal photos which will illustrate your tree and your file). Family history books As a supplement to your already realized family tree or not, the family books allow to make your ancestors be reborn. Real personalized report, the family book consists in decorating your family tree of historic, economic, social and professional data concerning your ancestors. It gives " a soul " to your genealogical boards. The writed chronicle places your ancestors in the history but also local context (life and customs of formerly). - On estimate: price lists vary according to the importance of sources and their location, according to the number of ancestors concerned by the research. Landed genealogy or the history of a house You possess property and you want to appreciate it, or simple curious you want to know the former inhabitants of a house. Particularly important for the Basque country where from every patronymic results at the origin of the name of a house, the research on houses can be also made in the other regions. Through the notarial archives, the former land registry (cadastre) and the other archives, the workshop is going to allow you to redraw the history of a house, a building, a some building by listing all the events relative to this place: properties, successive families, description of inside, destruction … - On estimate: price lists vary according to the size of the hamlet, the village or the city where from arises the given building and according to the existence of the sources of the given place. The result of the researches will be presented by means of a notebook collecting all the information on the chosen house. He can be decorated with recent photos and ancient (reproduction of ancient postcards)
Punctual researches, check of sources You have the references of some act but you cannot not move, you want to verify sources to confirm filiations, you look for ascendants in Aquitaine, in France: the Genealogical Workshop allows you to spare time and realizes your researches. - research for act with digitized or photocopied copy: 5euros - Punctual research in a center of Archives of Gironde or Pyrénées Atlantiques: 30 euros per hour, 150 euros the day. Traveling costs are added for quite other region.
Hervé PELAEZ 5 bis rue Blanqui, 33110 LE BOUSCAT Tel: 05 56 50 43 88 - 06 01 76 61 70 Siret 534 009 915 00016 APE 9609Z