Home Rates Links Contact Shop Services Genealogic trees Family books House's story Documentary researchs other services Computerization of genealogyReconstruction of the population of a place This research work consists in reconstituting the ancient population of a place (hamlet or village) given through time. - price lists vary according to the importance of the population of places concerned (to contact the workshop for a precise demand). The result of the researches is presented with a notebook counting the population which lived in a given place, in the chosen period (within the limits of the existence of archives) and finding the remarkable facts of the registry office (news items, unusual deaths) and the other archives (judicial, notarial). This work can be accompanied by a history of the wanted place. Ancient and recent photos and postcards can decorate and illustrate the notebook. The workshop can realize this research work for most big cities but only for precise years ( one or several given years). Cartographic and toponymical investigation Realization of maps from plans and ancient maps(napoleonic land registry and other). The genealogy being a journey in past, in history of our ancestors; the history being inseparable of the geography; the workshop realizes any kind of maps and plans to represent and display at best the places of life of your ascendants: Cartography of hamlets, villages, cities, centred on the built (to locate the ancient houses), the natural landscapes or on the toponymy of a place given to diverse periods. - cartographic collection (evolution of the built, toponymy of a place): From 50,00 euros. - other mappings: - Location of the municipalities of all your ancestors: 5,00 euros. - Use of the ground: cultivation, built, property of the plots of land (variable price list according to the studied municipality). The various maps are for the size A4 (21 x 29, 7 cms), the other size on inquiry. The realization of maps is possible according to the existence of available sources (essentially napoleonic land registry). The price list varies according to the studied municipality (traveling costs up to the places of Archives to be planned).
The French genealogical workshop "In search of your ancestors" Hervé PELAEZ, Professional family genealogist Historic researches, construction of family trees and history family

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