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Price lists and general conditions of sale ( Valid until 31/12/2011) General information The indicated prices are net prices in euros. Price lists are not bringing up in the TVA in application of the article 293 B of the code général des impôts. Price lists include the costs of treatment of order and its delivery. The moving and stay costs are chargeable to the customers: - costs of stay: 65,00 euros a day - moving costs: 0,42 euros by kilometer round trip from the following cities: Bordeaux, Bayonne and Paris. Note: no traveling costs and no costs of stay for the following regions: Aquitaine, Ile-de-France and Poitou Charente. The genealogical researches can be made on the other regions. No costs of additional movement or stay will be engaged without preliminary agreement of the customer. Fees Hourly rate: 30,00 euros Daily contract: 150,00 euros Half day contract: 100,00 euros Contracts - complete genealogy: research for all the ascendants of a given person (cf family trees) 3 generations: 150,00 euros 4 generations: 350,00 euros 5 generations: 800,00 euros 6 generations: 1100,00 euros Beyond 6 generations: with estimate - patronymic genealogy: research for ascendants carrying the name of a given person (cf family trees) 3 generations: 90,00 euros 4 generations: 120,00 euros 5 generations: 150,00 euros 6 generations: 210,00 euros Beyond 6 generations: with estimate - simple genealogy or tree present: research for all the ancestors of a given person with only unions. (See the service " family trees "). 6 generations: 600,00 euros Beyond 6 generations: on estimate - Genealogy by branch: on estimate Based according to your budget, the researches can be gradually made branch by branch of your tree, according to the rhythm which you will choose. Estimate personalized-the other services For quite other service (documentary researchs, genealogical circuits...), don't hesitate to contact me. A personalized estimate will be sent to you. Modalities of payment The duration of the service varies according to the difficulties met during the researches: existence or not of the archives, scattered ancestors). So the duration can vary of some weeks in several months for complete genealogies. The amount of the service will be detailed in an estimate, then after acceptance and signature of this, a contract will be sent to the customer. After acceptance of the contract: - the whole of the payment is due at its signature for an amount not exceeding 100,00 euros. - beyond 100,00 euro, payment of 50 % of the total amount at the signature of the contract; the other part when you receive the work. Easy terms of payment can be put: monthly-payment to suit. The genealogist isn't obliged to have results. He makes a commitment to realize the most complete possible research, according to the available archive documents. He will thus try hard to obtain the expected results and his fees will completely be due in case of success as in case of failure.
Hervé PELAEZ 5 bis rue Blanqui, 33110 LE BOUSCAT Tel: 05 56 50 43 88 - 06 01 76 61 70 Siret 534 009 915 00016 APE 9609Z